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Fall 2015

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Exam Online Community Offers a Complimentary Interactive Learning Platform

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Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues:


This Friday, 02 October, our chapter will host the annual conference at which we come together as colleagues to share our successes and lessons learned from the past year. Our chapter comprises members from myriad healthcare perspectives, including clinical, administrative, and data specialties, to name just a few. We will share expertise and experience from a wide variety of healthcare perspectives with each other, and this is what makes our organization unique and valuable. NMHE’s members come from the public and the private sectors, from urban, rural, and frontier communities. We are professionally and personally diverse, and, more importantly, we are inclusive. This inclusivity and variety of perspectives enables us to better care for our communities now and to plan for the future. Regardless of whether we face the workday armed with a stethoscope or a spreadsheet, we are members of a workforce that serves our communities and promotes the health of our neighbors.

None of us believes we work alone, or that our own perspective or specialty can possibly address all of the healthcare issues facing our communities. Our annual conference agenda reflects this conviction and offers our members the tools to grow professionally and better serve our communities. The conference keynote speaker, Christy LeMack, PhD, FACHE, Chair of the Health Services Administration at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, will address equity in leadership in her address, “Leadership Equity: The Key to Improving Population Health.” Panel discussions will include “Improving the Health Status of Your Community,” “Sustainability of Healthcare Organizations: A Plan of Action,” and “Diversity in Healthcare Management.” Attendees will be granted 4.5 ACHE education credits (total) for the three panels.

I look forward to seeing you all Friday, at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Albuquerque. Breakfast begins at 7 am, and the conference begins promptly at 8 am. You may register for the event online.

Warm regards,


Chapter President


Message from Your ACHE Regent                                                              

In our profession, the one thing that remains constant is Change. Change that is testing our collective creativity, the environment in which we work, and leadership of our organizations. Change is stressful for some, invigorating for others, and downright confusing for many. During times of change, as we tap into our creativity, we also need to cling to our values. As a member of ACHE, we have shared values that transcend our individual organizations. These values are:

Integrity: advocating and demonstrating high ethical conduct in all we do;

Lifelong Learning: enhancing our ability to innovate and continually improve ourselves, our organizations and our profession;

Leadership: leading through example and mentoring and recognizing caring must be a cornerstone of our professional interactions;

Diversity: advocating inclusion and embracing the differences of those with whom we work and the communities we serve.

So, during this confusing, invigorating, and stressful world where we live and serve, continue to be a servant leader who not only seeks creative solutions, but who also bases actions and decisions on these shared values. Your organization needs to know you are strong at your core and cling to those values in which you were made.

I want to remind you that ACHe-learning includes webinars and online seminars for members and their organizations to keep a pulse on topics shaping the healthcare field. Expand your knowledge, excel in your career and exceed expectations while earning ACHE Qualified Education credits and AMA PRA Category 1 credit. For example, you can enroll in 90-minute sessions presented by seasoned healthcare experts on specific issues affecting the healthcare field. There are also Online Seminars, consisting of 6-week sessions taught by healthcare leaders that allow you to view materials and complete assignments at your convenience. Most importantly, there are tuition waivers available—the application period opens 16 weeks prior to the online seminar.

I am extremely proud of the Chapters' successes this past year. It is a remarkable achievement for both Chapters to be recognized as exemplary Chapters full for growth and ambition. It is rewarding to see the ever increasing numbers of advancement and re-certifications. Congratulations to all of you in your development and professional aspirations.

Rick Wallace, ScD, FACHE

Regent for New Mexico & Southwest Texas


Join the Rainbow Healthcare Leaders Association

The Rainbow Healthcare Leaders Association is a national organization whose mission to enhance the representation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender healthcare executives and to promote high-quality care for LGBT individuals and their families. RHLA is committed to focusing on disparities in care and preparing the next generation of LGBT healthcare executives. RHLA and ACHE have a shared interest in fostering the development of diverse healthcare leadership.

Join RHLA now and you will have access to the RHLA Mentorship Program and RHLA Forums, both of which will enable you to connect with other members in a meaningful and confidential environment. Members can share and receive feedback on business and personal issues as they navigate their careers in healthcare.  

For more information about RHLA membership or any of its programs, visit

Exam Online Community Offers a Complimentary Interactive Learning Platform

Members preparing for the Board of Governors Examination can access the Exam Online Community as a complimentary and supplementary resource that can boost their confidence and help them succeed. The interactive platform gives Members the opportunity to learn and glean study tips from others taking the Exam. It also provides an opportunity to discuss Exam topics with experts for better understanding and the option to participate in study groups. Join the Exam Online Community at

Postgraduate Fellowship Area of Provides a Vital Resource to Healthcare Organizations and Entrants

Postgraduate fellowships are essential to attract and develop highly qualified healthcare management professionals. ACHE offers robust online resources regarding postgraduate fellowships at The materials are for those seeking to develop a postgraduate fellowship, organizations that want to find the best candidate and new healthcare management entrants looking for a fellowship opportunity. The site includes the Directory of Fellowships in Health Services Administration in which organizations post their fellowship offerings and for students to find opportunities they want to pursue. Additionally, there are resources for organizations seeking to start a fellowship—these include sample manuals, templates and checklists.

Save the Date: Physician Executives Forum Programs
The Physician Executives Forum launched two years ago to provide added value to physician executive via tailored resources to meet these groups’ unique professional development needs. A one-day education program is a cornerstone benefit of the Forum that offers an affordable learning and networking opportunity. Date and location for the program is as follows:

Physician Executives Forum Education Program
Oct. 10, 2015
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
More details available at

If you have questions about this Forum program or Forum membership, please contact Erika Joyce, CAE, assistant director, Division of Member Services, at (312) 424-9373 or

Tuition Waiver Assistance Program

To reduce the barriers to ACHE educational programming, ACHE makes available a limited number of tuition waivers to Members and Fellows whose organizations lack the resources to fund their tuition for education programs through the Tuition Waiver Assistance Program. Members and Fellows in career transition also are encouraged to apply. Tuition waivers are based on financial need and are available for the following ACHE education programs:

  • Congress on Healthcare Leadership
  • Cluster Seminars
  • Self-Study Programs
  • Online Education Programs
  • Online Tutorial (Board of Governors Exam preparation)
  • ACHE Board of Governors Exam Review Course

All requests are due no less than eight weeks before the program date, except for ACHE self-study courses; see quarterly application deadlines on the FAQ page of the tuition waiver application. Incomplete applications and applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Recipients will be notified of the waiver review panel's decision not less than six weeks before the program date. For ACHE self-study courses, applicants will be notified three weeks after the quarterly application deadline.

If you have questions about the program, please contact Teri Somrak, associate director, Division of Professional Development, at (312) 424-9354 or For more information, visit

Useful Tips to Consider in the Workplace

 Checking In With Employees

Communicating and checking in on employees on a regular basis is important for a successful workflow. One-on-one meetings are a great way to consistently discuss duties, deadlines and questions and to keep in touch. The below will ensure the meetings are productive and necessary communication is shared in an effective manner.

Stick to a Specific Time

Consistency is key to beneficial communication. Connect with the employee regarding the day and time that would work best for both of you to meet on a weekly basis, and create meeting reminders for the discussion that extend far in advance. This ensures you will both be on the same page and that the meeting won’t be easily forgotten. Additionally, don’t cancel a check-in meeting at the last minute. There are exceptions, but sticking to a schedule shows your employee you value their time and creates a pattern that is easy to adhere to.

Create a Safe Space

Although constructive criticism on projects and management of workload is helpful for success, being respectful in delivering this feedback is a must. Employees should not be punished for speaking their mind. Make sure to answer their questions with respect, and try sharing something they’ve excelled in that week while offering suggestions for improvement in other areas. Such a gesture can boost morale and build trust. Creating a trusting environment will strengthen the bond between you and your employee.

Value Honesty

When chatting with an employee, strive to answer his or her questions as honestly as possible. If you can’t share something, explain why. And if you don’t have an answer, admit it and try to find out after the meeting.

Coach Employees

Instead of telling employees what to do, collaborate with them to help them find their own solutions and answers. This will help build their own confidence and their trust in you. Help them develop their skills so they feel empowered and engaged instead of dependent on you for advice.

Ask for Feedback

One-on-one discussions should not solely be a question-and-answer sessions. Engage in a real dialogue and ask employees what they desire from you and how you can help to manage them in a stronger way. They’ll welcome and appreciate the opportunity to give you their thoughts on your performance and other matters.

End on a Positive Note

At the end of each meeting, share at least one way in which the employee excelled that week. Thank the employee for his or her questions and the discussion itself, and express confidence in his or her abilities. Workers will feel better about meeting with you if you close on a high note. 


Upcoming Events

Our chapter is committed to delivering educational and networking events for our members throughout the year. You can find a current schedule of events through the end of the year on our event calendar

Chapter Information

Kelly Byram, MS, MBA – President

Russell Stowers, EdD, FACHE - Membership Committee Chair, Incoming President

Matthew Klosterman, MSHA - Past President and Programs Committee Chair

Greg Nainani, CPA, MBA - Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair

Claire Hilleary, CPA, MBA - Secretary and Communications Committee Chair

Rick Wallace, D.Sc., FACHE - Regent

Kat Abraham - Board Member and Community Service Liaison

Ron Aldrich, MBA, LFACHE - Board Member and Coordinator of the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group

Christina Campos, MBA, FACHE - Board Member

Michael Ell, MBA, FACHE – Board Member

Mary Jacintha, MSc, MS, FACHE - Board Member

Deb Mohesky, MS, MBA - Board Member and Mentorship and Advancement Committee Chair

Debra Perez, BSN, MBA - Board Member

Barry Silbaugh, MD, MS, FACPE - Board Member

Ryan Stevens, MBA - Board Member

Chapter Contact Information

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