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2nd Quarter 2016

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Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues,

Hard to believe we are already half way through 2016.  In April, Guadalupe County Hospital in Santa Rosa hosted NMHE for its first CEO rounds in 2016.  Many thanks to Christina Campos, FACHE for hosting this event at her facility.  This was an outstanding event in which we discussed community health and how rural healthcare facilities can impact change in their communities.     

On July 8, 2016 we will host our second CEO Rounds at CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe.   The topic will be Patient Safety. The panelists will include:

Debra Honey, MHA, RN, CPHQ, FACHE, Chief Nurse Executive- CSVRMC

Johanna Bell, MHS, Executive Director of Quality Improvement, Medical Staff Office and Risk Management - CSVRMC

Dr. Sunil Desai, MD, President CSV Medical Group - CSVRMC

Moderator: Lillian Montoya, MBA, CAO- CSVRMC

Welcome/Host: Patrick Carrier, President and CEO - CSVRMC

This year NMHE will host 4 CEO rounds with a focus on highlighting facilities that are led by minority women. NMHE offers chapter events throughout the year and we encourage you to check NMHE’s website regularly for upcoming chapter events.

The NMHE Board of Directors is integral to chapter operations and our board members make valuable contributions to NMHE’s success.  Recently a new board member joined NMHE’s board of directors, Stephen Stoddard, Executive Director with NM Rural Hospital Network.  We are very pleased that Stephen has joined us and excited about what he will bring to our team.  

I want to welcome new additions to the chapter leadership.  NMHE member Kayla Hammond, MHA was elected to board and is also our Chair of the Mentorship and Advancement Committee and Leeza Patel, MBA was elected as NMHE Program Committee Chair. 

I’m always excited to see new members join the chapter and 2016-member recruitment is off to a great start!  I am happy to announce the following members who joined our chapter in the second quarter of 2016:

Lt Col Curtis Hudson

Luz Dael A. Siegler

Quentin Fields

Marissa VanArtsdalen

CDR Josef S. Otto, MD


Russell B. Stowers, Ed.D., FACHE


ACHE National News


Apply for the Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program by July 8.

The deadline to apply for the 2016 Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program is Friday, July 8.

During this year-long program, EDP scholars will receive specialized curriculum opportunities that address successful navigation of potential career challenges and enhance executive presence. Each scholar also will benefit from one-on-one interactions with a specially selected mentor and participation in formal leadership education and career assessments. The EDP will empower participants with enhanced self-awareness, critical leadership skills and an expanded network of leaders to help prepare the EDP scholars for their ascension to C-suite roles in hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations.

Visit for more information or to apply. Please direct any questions about the Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program to Cie Armstead, director, diversity and inclusion, at or (312) 424-9306.

The Foundation of ACHE’s Fund for Innovation in Healthcare Leadership is accepting donations to the Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program. Gifts—no matter the amount—will help shape the future of healthcare leadership. Visit to make a donation.

May 31 Deadline Approaching for Board of Governors Exam Fee Waiver
ACHE is pleased to offer the Board of Governors exam fee waiver promotion to eligible ACHE Members. This year, the campaign has a new promotion period (Feb. 1 through May 31, 2016) that will allow Fellow applicants more time to meet all requirements by the end of 2016 and attend the Convocation Ceremony at the 2017 Congress. Members must submit their completed Fellow application, along with the $250 application fee, by May 31. Pending application approval, ACHE will waive the $200 Board of Governors exam fee. For more information on the promotion, visit


Exam Online Community Offers a Complimentary Interactive Learning Platform
Members preparing for the Board of Governors Examination can access the Exam Online Community—a complimentary and supplementary resource to boost confidence and increase success. The online community is an interactive platform to learn and glean study tips from other Members taking the Exam. There also is the opportunity to discuss Exam topics with experts for a higher level of understanding and the option to participate in study groups. Interested Members can join the Exam Online Community at

ACHE Member Communities Launched to Enhance Representation of Asian and LGBT Healthcare Leaders

In support of ACHE’s longstanding commitment to advance diversity and inclusion, two new member communities were recently launched to increase and enhance representation of Asian and LGBT healthcare leaders—the Asian Healthcare Leaders Forum and the LGBT Healthcare Leaders Forum.  

2016 Fund for Innovation in Healthcare Leadership Education Programs

The 2016 innovation program, “Enhancing the Patient Experience Through Healthcare Innovation,” will be led by Jason A. Wolf, PhD, president, The Beryl Institute, Nashville, Tenn. Offered in conjunction with ACHE’s New York Cluster on Aug. 5, this half-day session will explore the critical ideas underlying patient experience success from a focus on leadership, culture and people, to the unique ways in which processes are being redesigned, technologies are being implemented and staff are being engaged. Full details are available.

The 2016 ethics program, “Building a Sustainable, Culturally Competent and Equitable Healthcare Organization,” will be led by Aswita Tan-McGrory, deputy director, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. You also will hear from a panel of healthcare leaders who have faced ethical challenges and learned from the decisions they made within their organizations. This half-day program will be offered in conjunction with the Atlanta Cluster on Nov. 11. Full details will be available soon at

Both programs qualify for ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits.

These programs are funded in part by ACHE’s Fund for Innovation in Healthcare Leadership. Your contribution matters. For more information on the Fund for Innovation in Healthcare Leadership, and to donate today, visit


Q2 Articles of Interest


Master these 4 Vital Conversations

The conversations you have with employees are critical to building trust, morale and productivity. Grasp them to ensure that your team reaches its full potential.

·         Goal-setting discussions. Meet early and often with employees to discuss goals that will challenge them while fulfilling your organization’s mission. Work together to set performance standards and deadlines so that employees know exactly what is expected of them.

·         Recognition meetings. Employees should hear directly from you when they are doing something right. Take every opportunity to recognize and praise their good work, especially on tasks that are new and unfamiliar. Reinforce positive performance with specifics, acknowledging the exact contribution they made to the team.

·         Redirection talks. Occasionally, you will have to correct a performance issue or revaluate your team’s path. Be prepared to sit down promptly with your employees to outline what’s wrong and what needs to change. Remain clear and firm about expectations and consequences.

·         Wrap-up conversations. At the conclusion of an important task or project, meet with your team to discuss success and improvement areas, and to celebrate if appropriate. This approach also is useful when an employee masters a new skill. Let employees know when you appreciate their work, and remind them of how their efforts contribute to the organization’s success.

—Adapted from Communication Solutions April 2016 newsletter,


Listen with Intent to Strengthen Leadership Skills

Strong listening skills are essential to your success as a leader, but you can’t just nod your head in assent when employees and customers are speaking. You must always listen with a purpose so both parties learn something from every conversation. Here are some tips:

·         Study your own listening style and habits. Discover when you’re most likely to actively listen. Is it the morning? The end of the day? Are your listening skills better walking through the workplace or in an office with the doors closed? Everyone has their own habits, strengths and gaps. Be aware of yours and play to your strengths.

·         Engage in active listening. Your brain can think faster than anyone can talk. As such, your mind can easily wander while you’re supposed to be listening. One way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to give your brain something to do: evaluate information, obtain knowledge, understand the person better, etc. Enter into conversations with a specific goal, and then put your brain to work achieving that goal. In other words: Make your brain too busy to wander.

·         Offer continuous feedback. Don’t wait until the conversation is finished to respond to what you’ve heard. When your employee makes a key point, jump in and restate the point to make sure you understand it. Then offer your feedback right then and there. After that, move to the next point. This will keep you involved in the entire conversation and elicit better results from each meeting.

—Adapted from Communication Solutions April 2016 newsletter,

Chapter Information and Member Recognition


Thank you NMHE Board of Directors and Leadership!

Russell B. Stowers, Ed.D., FACHE - President

Debra Perez, RN   Vice President – President Elect

Greg Nainani, Treasurer

Claire Hilleary, CPA, MBA - Secretary

Kat Abraham, OTR –Programming Chair

Ron Aldrich, LFACHE

Amy Blasing, RN

Kelly Byram, MS – Past President

Christina Campos, MBA, FACHE

Michael Ell, MBA, FACHE

Michael Gomez, MD, FACHE

Kayla Hammond - Mentorship and Advancement Committee Chair

Mary Jacintha, MSc, MS, FACHE - Past-President and Regent

Matthew Klosterman, MHA – Past President

Barry Silbaugh, MD

Ryan Stevens, MHA, FACHE

Stephen Stoddard, MHA, FACHE


Thank you 2016 Chapter Sponsors!

UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center



Membership Recognition

Congratulations Greg Nainani, CPA, FACHE for achieving Fellow in the second quarter of 2016!

If you know a chapter member who should be recognized please send an email to:

NMHA to model health equity survey after Institute survey

In June the New Mexico Hospital Association (NMHA) board of directors in collaboration with NMHE voted unanimously in support of a survey to assess the state of health care disparities and diversity management practices in New Mexico hospitals. Although still in its early stages, the survey is a joint effort of NMHA and the New Mexico Healthcare Executives, and it will be modeled after the national biennial diversity and disparities assessment tool produced by the AHA's Institute for Diversity in Health Management.


Upcoming Events

You are invited to join NMHE for the CEO Rounds on July 8th at 11:00AM at CHRISTUS St. Vincent Regional Medical Center. This event is open for NMHE members and will receive 1.5 Face to Face credits.  Please RSVP for this event to:

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